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With Graham Geraghty.

They worked on Graham's autobiography 'Misunderstood' published by Blackwater Press. See 'Books' slot for more details.

In the Daily Telegraph

Justin Doyle broke the senastional story in the Daily Telegraph. See 'Newspapers' slot for more details.

Current book

Justin's current book is the autobiography of Irish golf legend Christy O'Connor Junior published by Paperweight.See 'Books' slot for more details.

Best books ever

Willie Mullins greatest racehorse 'Florida Pearl' pictured in happy days of retirement at the National Stud. Justin's book 'Pearl' was described as one of the best books ever written about a racehorse. See 'Books' for more details.

I give you the very best in Sports Writing with brilliant creativity and flair. This is very evident in my new Autobiography of former Irish Professional Golfer and now Senior Golfer, Christy O'Connor Junior.