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1b88669 A forward thinking writer with hidden prophetic prose.

Justin Doyle has become one of the biggest and best known sports writers in Ireland today with a very unique style. In many ways his is one of the last remnants of an old fashioned and beautifully creative yet, ironically, a forward thinking writer with hidden prophetic prose. This is manifest in the 5 sports books he has penned. 

An aromatic poetic characteristic also sifts through to hit the senses of readers in the majority of his works. This was seen to great effect in his wonderful Biography of Willie Mullins great Irish Racehorse, ‘Florida Pearl’. The Irish Independent and Racing Post reviews both described ‘Pearl’ (2005) as ‘like a book of poems’.

The Post also described it as one of the best books ever written about a racehorse (the review can be read again in full in the Florida Pearl section). This was his second book which followed his debut work ‘Misunderstood’ (2003) which was also his first collaboration on an Autobiography.

‘Misunderstood’ – the life and career of the great modern Meath footballer Graham Geraghty – was published by well known ‘Gaelic Games’ Publishers ‘Blackwater Press’. It went on to become a best seller in the Irish market!

His very noticeable trait of writing books on Irish Sporting legends continued with a Biography on the rise of current World No.1 Golfer, Rory McIlroy entitled ‘Rory’ ‘His Story So Far’ (2011). This was his first venture with a non-Irish Publisher when he linked up with UK Publishing firm, ‘G2 Entertainment’.

In that book, he correctly predicted on p.113 and the opening line to Chapter 9, that: “quite aside from his US Open triumph, if there is one major that Rory seems destined to win, it is the USPGA.” Three majors preceded that USPGA before Rory did indeed win it – by 8 shots!

The love affair with golf (his father was Evening Herald Club Golfer of the Year finalist in 1973) continued with ‘Christy’ (2012). This book was also his second ghost-writing of an Autobiography – the memoirs of Irish golf legend Christy O’Connor Junior were published by new Irish Publishing house, ‘Paperweight’.

He has also written for most of the leading newspapers in Ireland and England. These include: The Sunday Times; London Telegraph; Irish Independent (front page story); Irish Sun; Irish Mirror and Irish Mail. He began his career with The Drogheda Independent and dabbled in radio with 98FM and East Coast Radio.

Another of his writing characteristics lies in the interesting fact that all of his titles are ‘single-worded’! This is a conscious stance he undertook with ‘simplicity is grace’ to the forefront of his thinking. So, after Misunderstood; Pearl; Nine; Rory
and Christy, keep your eyes out for what is next!