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I can recall going to many GAA matches – mostly club hurling and football – as a kid with my parents. They were often very heated occasions as I stood there listening and looking at my father and other men getting hot behind the collar and exchanging pleasantries! My dear mother, God rest her, would always whisper to my father to stop!

Early memories were those of admiring a fast, bald player for Kildare – Poppy Carew; looking on in amazement as the victories Meath All-Ireland winning team came into my classroom in Navan in the 1970s with the Sam Maguire; going to matches with my College (St Finians, Mullingar) and admiring greats like Nicky English as he hit several goals for Tipperary in Trim v Meath and the big Colin Corkery as he captained Cork in a challenge v Meath in Athboy.

Of course I then got into reporting and my very first major assignment was to travel with the Meath hurlers on the team bus to the Glens of Antrim. Meath lost heavily and I recall saying then, that Antrim would reach an All-Ireland Final but would not win one. They did indeed get to that Final – v Tipperary and were unlucky not to get to another one.

Lastly, I followed my beloved Meath all over Ireland – and I’ll always recall unfurling a banner in the Canal End which read ‘Hanleys Corner’ and which commemorated the day Meath met and beat Armagh in the League Final.

So it was entirely appropriate that my very first sports book was ‘Graham Geraghty’!

I hope you enjoy these photographs which are everything to do with the Gaelic Athletic Association from grass roots to headquarters in Croke Park.